JT is optimistic about Complexity's map pool

JT: "We'll be able to adapt real fast to both Dust2 and the new Vertigo"

Complexity play for their tournament life against MOUZ later today.

Complexity faltered in the opening NA derby, losing decisively to Liquid on the first Dust2 of an S-tier event at IEM Dallas. After the game, Daniel "Scoobster" Khurgin spoke with the team's captain, Johnny "JT" Theodosiou after the match to talk about what went wrong, the new maps, and Complexity's year.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

Unfortunate loss versus Liquid, what went wrong?

I think inexperience on the map. The map just came out again, we've had only NA practice on it. We haven't really been exposed to a lot of the mistakes we made this match. We wanted to play Dust2, it didn't go our way. We need to review the match and see what went wrong.

So why choose towards Dust2 instead of a different map?

It's a best-of-one, so we were sort of forced to go towards Dust2. We also like Dust2, so we wanted to play it. It didn't go our way. I still think, going back, I would still play Dust2 again.

In the grand scheme, what do you think of adding Dust2 back to the map pool?

I always like when there's new maps to play. It's not really a new map, everybody's already played it, so it's not anything exciting. I do like playing new maps and getting new things done because Overpass was getting kind of stale. Happy to play a new map. We just have to keep improving on the map and see how it goes.

When CS2 first came out and you had a lot of success at IEM Sydney, a decent amount was predicated off of your creativity using the new skybox and other mechanics. Do you think the changes to Vertigo will allow you guys to continue your streak and high ceiling on the map?

I think we always do a good job being creative, especially with new maps, so I'm thinking for both Dust2 and the new Vertigo we'll be able to adapt real fast. I think it's gonna be easy for us. It's gonna be easy for us to adapt to what we want to do what how we want to play the new maps.

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