To the drawing board...

Liquid's luck runs out

It looked winnable, but instead they get blanked.

Liquid was close to a victory that would have sent them into the playoffs of IEM Dallas, but instead, they will be back in the studio tomorrow after losing to 9z. The South American-based squad squeaked by Liquid on both maps as they took a 2-0 win to secure a shocking playoff appearance. Liquid will need to face off against Falcons tomorrow if they hope to keep their dreams alive.

It was a barnstorming first map as Liquid jumped out to take a 9-3 CT-side lead on 9z's pick of Nuke. The squad looked like they were ready to make quick work of the South Americans, but couldn't forsee that they would have just as strong of a defense as well. Going into overtime Liquid couldn't take the map as 9z secured their map pick 16-13.

Liquid would get their revenge on Anubis as they once again took a commanding 9-3 lead on their CT-side. 9z would end up going down, but they definitely made it difficult for Liquid as they earned six rounds of their own to make it close as Liquid tied up the series 13-9.

Dust2 was the final setting for the evening as Liquid looked to close it out and hopefully put themselves in the playoffs, but instead they were forced to endure a brutal, slow death as 9z proved to be just a bit more comfortable on the recently introduced map. Liquid started strong on their T-side as they took a 5-3 lead, but it would be the last time the squad was ever in front as 9z held fast on their CT-side and then reached twelve rounds. While Liquid started to force a comeback, they would lose at the last second to an eco from the South Americans.

Liquid will now play against Falcons at Broken inline tomorrow.

1 - 2
All maps
Liquid K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Canada Keith 'NAF' Markovic 55 - 44 +11 74.5 73.3% 1.15
Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Gaļinskis 54 - 49 +5 73.1 69.3% 1.15
Canada Russel 'Twistzz' Van Dulken 49 - 52 -3 69.9 72.0% 0.94
Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' Møller 41 - 53 -12 65.2 73.3% 0.94
Brazil Felipe 'skullz' Medeiros 40 - 50 -10 62.0 66.7% 0.87
9z K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Antonio 'MartinezSa' Martinez 62 - 47 +15 84.5 81.3% 1.38
Matias 'HUASOPEEK' Ibañez Hernandez 53 - 47 +6 68.3 76.0% 1.11
Franco 'dgt' Garcia 54 - 48 +6 73.9 65.3% 1.06
Maximiliano 'max' Gonzalez 42 - 50 -8 72.4 74.7% 1.00
Nicolás 'buda' Kramer 37 - 50 -13 65.9 70.7% 0.91

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