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Liquid invited to $350k LAN

This bout on the Indian subcontinent is now an international LAN.

Skyesports India have announced their 2024 iteration of the Skyesports Masters, featuring instantly recognizable international brands that will spar with India's best from April 8-14th. Liquid will be in attendance as direct invitees, joined by ENCE, NIP, and BIG.

The venue is yet to be announced for 2024, but last year's event was hosted at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium in Bangalore. Additionally, the prize pool has more than doubled compared to 2023, from roughly $145k to $350k.

The previous iteration was a domestic event that specifically catered to the Indian scene, but now the stakes are higher and India will have a chance to showcase their best-of-the-best as they try to take down who will assuredly be seven much higher ranked opponents. India's highest-ranked team on HLTV, 2ez, is currently listed as world #191, while the event's defending champions from 2023, Gods Reign, are currently ranked #208.

The invited teams may be puzzling to some, but it should be noted that this event will be taking place at the same time as IEM Chengdu, so other North American teams like Complexity are otherwise occupied with previous commitments.

So far, Skyesports Masters 2024 will look like:

World Liquid

World Direct Invite TBD
World Direct Invite TBD
European Qualifier
India Indian Qualifier

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