ben1337 and Party Astronauts will look to make the CQ after taking Liquid to the limit in the first OQ

Party Astronauts look for revenge in second IEM Dallas Open Qualifier

After almost besting Liquid, PA are the squad to look out for tonight.

The second IEM Dallas 2024 Open Qualifier is set to begin tonight, and with it, the teams that fell short in the first Open Qualifier will look to battle back and claim the coveted final spot in the Closed Qualifier. Among the top teams in contention is Party Astronauts, who put on a stellar showing last night by taking down NRG before almost taking down Liquid in a nail-biting three-map series.

Alongside Party Astronauts are a number of other hungry top ESL Challenger League teams, including NRG, Wildcard, and MIGHT, all teams that made top eight in the previous qualifier but ultimately fell short on day two. Other squads to keep an eye out for include Take Flyte, FLUFFY AIMERS, Mythic, LAG, and Limitless, all ECL-level teams who will look to play dark horse in the qualifier.

Currently, notable teams signed up for the second IEM Dallas 2024 Open Qualifier include:

United States Party Astronauts
Canada NRG
United States Wildcard
United States MIGHT

United States Take Flyte
United States Mythic

Additionally, Elevate are currently signed up for the qualifier, however was unable to confirm if they will play tonight. Wyatt "snav" Phillippi previously told they would be unable to play day two of the Closed Qualifier, should they make it that far, due to travel for the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR. Carpe Diem are also currently not signed up for the qualifier, with unable to determine if they plan on playing today.

The second IEM Dallas 2024 Open Qualifier is set to start tonight at 06:00PM. Teams interested in signing up may do so here.

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