Liquid have a difficult road back to IEM Dallas

Liquid, NRG headline IEM Dallas 2024 OQ #1 signups

With one NA spot up for grabs, the IEM Dallas qualifiers are set to be a bloodbath.

The first IEM Dallas 2024 Open Qualifier is set to begin tomorrow, and with it a number of top North Americans squads are set to battle to join BOSS and Nouns in the closed qualifier. Chief among all of them all are Liquid, who's international megaproject will need to battle their way through the cream of the crop in North America should they want to keep their perfect attendance at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

To that end, they will need to best the likes of NRG and Wildcard before even considering closed qualifier bouts against Nouns and BOSS. Beyond those two high-profile squads, there are a number of other top NA teams that will be looking to cause major upsets and hopefully make their way into the closed qualifier with Carpe Diem, Party Astronauts, LOS, and FLUFFY AIMERS all potential threats in the Bo1 portion of the bracket.

Likewise, a number of international squads that reside in North America will look to cause trouble, with LOS in particular being a menace in ESEA Advanced Season 48 at the moment.

Currently, notable teams signed up for the first IEM Dallas 2024 Open Qualifier include:

World Liquid
Canada NRG
United States Wildcard
United States Carpe Diem

United States Party Astronauts
Brazil LOS
United States Mythic

However, this list has the potential to become even more jam packed as Elevate is yet to sign up for the first open qualifier. was unable to confirm whether Elevate intends to play in the qualifier, but they still have plenty of time to sign up should they intend to try and book a spot in Dallas.

Further interested teams in signing up for the IEM Dallas 2024 Open Qualifier #1 may do so here.

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