HexT stepped up at a vital moment for his former teammate

DDOS forced Walco to use former teammates' PC against Liquid

HexT was more than happy to share.

During last night's grand final match in the IEM Dallas North American Open Qualifier, Colby "Walco" Walsh was apparently DDOSed and unable to continue playing from his computer during the second map of the contest against Liquid.

Party Astronauts called a lengthy tech pause and Liquid agreed to pause the match while Walco ended up traveling to Jadan "HexT" Postma's home to complete the match. In a twist of irony, Walco had actually just defeated his former teammate hours earlier in the bracket and was now using his PC in hopes of making it to the closed qualifier.

Walco and HexT are both from Manitoba, Canada where they grew up playing Counter-Strike together alongside Austin "gmanchew" Vieira where they used to all be teammates on RBG.

HexT told Dust2.us that Walco reached out to him while in the the middle of the technical issue. "He called me saying his internet got cut off and he thinks he was being DDOSd. I didn’t even let him finish and I just said come over," the NRG rifler explained. "On the way to my apartment, I signed into his steam, got his teamspeak from chop and changed his game settings."

Despite the lengthy technical issue and change of scenery for Walco, Party Astronauts continued to be competitive in their matchup against Liquid before eventually falling 1-2 in the grand final of the open qualifier.

It's not hopeless for the Astronauts as they will have a second chance later today to make the closed qualiifer when the second open qualifier kicks off later tonight.

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