Bouchard and Little Bocks are back!

ESL Impact Season 5 North America Open Qualifier #1 starts today

It's the first of two qualifiers.

The first open qualifier for the ESL Impact League Season 5 NA will begin today as teams will fight for the two spots in the regional division where they will meet the four invited teams and two other teams from the Open Qualifier #2,

ESL Impact Season 5 will see two teams from North America reach the LAN Finals, which will be held in Dallas from May 31st to June 2nd. Before that, the regional division will be played between March 6th and April 20th.

The sign-ups are open now and fans of the scene can look to one of the original squads participating later on today; Little Bocks. Other known names already signed up are COVEN, Wanted Goons Bandits, and Nouns fe. These are also the favorites to take the four spots in the group stage, but ESL Impact is known for its surprises.

At the time of publication, only nine teams registered had more than one member, including a German men's squad that had also registered in the South American and European qualifiers. Admins will remove the men's team before the games start.

The sign-ups will close at 04:45PM, while check-in starts at 05:00PM and the games are scheduled to start one hour after check-in starts. There is still time to play, and you can register to play here.

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