M80 duo joins Dust2.us' Team of the Month for November 2023

This month was dominated by Complexity and M80's star duos.

Dust2.us is back with our Team of the Month is back for November to highlight North America's best and brightest across the three tiers of competitive play. As always, Dust2.us' list consists of two professional-level players, two players from ESL Challenger League, and one standout name from ESEA Advanced. Additionally, the list includes the most impactful coach regardless of tier.

To start, until Liquid and NRG get their projects underway, you can pretty much expect two Complexity players to claim the professional spots on Dust2.us' TOTM. This time around we have Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski and Ricky "floppy" Kemery returning to the list once again after another strong month abroad for Complexity. While the team failed to make the BLAST Premier Fall Finals and exited the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 earlier than many expected, EliGE and floppy have continued to put up star level performances.

This month, EliGE posted a 1.29 rating over 15 maps, while floppy maintained a 1.09 rating over the same number of maps. While things may change in the future, for now, Complexity still reign supreme in NA.

Moving into the ECL level, Michael "Swisher" Schmid and Ethan "reck" Serrano were dominant on M80's road to claiming a perfect ESL Challenger League Season 46 regular season. Additionally, the duo posted 1.31 and 1.24 ratings, respectively, over 27 maps this month while in North America, placing them comfortably above their domestic competition. With ECL S46 playoffs kicking off a few days ago, M80 look keen to claim a spot in ESL Pro League Season 19.

Moving down to Advanced, Ukrainian youngster Bogdan "ogwizard" Savula gets the nod of Dust2.us' hat this month. While the 17-year-old has been in NA for two years, he has really blossomed recently as an AWPer. ogwizard helped LAG win Mustache Masters 2023, claim a top-four spot at Fragicago 2023, and is currently competing with the team in ESEA Advanced Season 47 playoffs. In a region lacking for AWPers, ogwizard may find himself quite desirable in 2024 if he keeps honing his craft.

Finally, our coach of the month goes to none other than Rory "dephh" Jackson. His nomination is intangible due to the nature of coaching in CS2, however as M80 have been highly successful and quickly bedded in their new German AWPer, one must give a degree of credit to the experienced Brit.

Dust2.us’ Team of the Month for November is:

  • United States Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

  • United States Ricky "floppy" Kemery

  • United States Michael "Swisher" Schmid

  • United States Ethan "reck" Serrano

  • Bogdan "ogwizard" Savula

  • Rory "dephh" Jackson (Coach)

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