LAG's Ukrainian upcomer did quite well at his first LAN

LAG ogwizard: "We were feeling so confident"

LAG have continued to impress.

One team that has been taking advantage of the launch of Counter-Strike 2 and has started to get a lot more time under the spotlight is LAG. During their Fragicago 2023 campaign, the European core playing in North America, finished 3rd/4th after losing to Unjustified. Additionally, LAG have reached the ESEA Advanced playoffs and are aiming to qualify to ESL Challenger League Season 47.

Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore talked with LAG's AWPer, Bogdan "ogwizard" Savula, about the team's inception, the playstyle that mixes a lot of European styles with a pinch of North American CS, and what to expect from the future of this squad.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

Not a lot of people were expecting LAG to make a deep run and, keeping that in mind, how do you feel about your team's performance here in Chicago?

I think we did pretty good because it's the first LAN for most of the team and, compared to online, we were feeling so confident and we seemed like the outsiders but we were not feeling that thing.

You won Mustache Masters, you have done well here in Fragicago and you are going to make ESEA Advanced playoffs but I don't think people really know about you and your team. You are Ukrainian, so what brought you to America?

I just came to America to study here, I'm a high-school senior, and I'm going to university soon, and I like playing Counter-Strike.

Are you guys aiming to get to ECL this season and is that a big goal for you guys?

Sure, of course. Last season we had a core of four and we got to the Advanced playoffs but we played badly, so this season we just focus on [getting to] ECL.

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