Valve fixes mysterious CS2 game bans

A quick fix.

Earlier this morning, many noticed that they had unjustly earned game bans for Counter-Strike. Theories rolled out about it possibly being connected to NVDIA drivers, or AMD updates. As of now it's still unclear what exactly was the issue.

In a tweet sent out just minutes ago, Valve stated that yesterday's update "mistakenly triggered game bans". However, the issue has been fixed and "ban rollbacks are in progress".

Professional players like M80's Guatemalan rifler Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa experienced one of those bans and was frustrated at not being able to play as of this morning. However, with the fix coming in today, he might be able to get back into the server faster than expected.

If you are still banned and have genuinely not cheated, you will likely see your account unbanned in the near future thanks to this fix.

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