Nouns pick up women's squad

A fifth organization joins the scene.

After ten days of voting, Category 5's proposal has been accepted by the Nouns community with eight votes in favor and none against. This means that the organization will be supporting the all-women squad during, at the least, the next three months with $2,826.

Category 5 have recently won an ESL Impact Cash Cup and have been rising through the ranks of the North American scene. Taking advantage of the momentum, the team made the proposal to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which in the team receiving Nouns' financial aid until January.

Being a DAO, Nouns' investments are required to go through a voting stage, during which all owners of a Nouns token decide whether or not to support such investment. In Category 5's case, the team got the support of eight Nouns members, which included a public endorsement from Peter "ppd" Dager, a former Dota 2 player who won TI 5 under the Evil Geniuses banner.

Nouns are just the fifth organization supporting a women's team, joining the likes of FlyQuest, Evil Geniuses, Tsunami, and Wanted Goons. Despite the squad only being together for two months, the results have been very positive, which helped them land the deal with Nouns.

It is still unknown which name the team will adopt as the squad gave a lot of options to choose from such as nouns.c5, nouns.fe, or Nouns Cyclone, but the team is also open to suggestions from the Nouns' members.

The new Nouns women's squad is:

  • United States Bella "alleb" Sinclair

  • United States Natalie "ashe" Betts

  • United States Tig "Rice" Simpson

  • United States Riley "lunari" Luna

  • United States Tori "raynee" Gustafson

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November 21, 2023 03:14PM
I really like nouns ngl
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November 22, 2023 12:45PM
Nouns is such a great org
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