Nouns DAO to vote on acquiring women's CS2 roster

Another organization could be entering the Impact scene.

Nouns could be the latest organization to enter the burgeoning ESL Impact scene, should a proposal to sign Category 5, a relatively new Impact team, receive the Decentralized Autonomous Organization's (DAO) approval. The vote started days ago, November 9th, and will close voting on November 19th and will see all holders of the Nouns Esports Prop House (NEPH) able to vote on the proposal.

Category 5 formed in September and have been growing steadily in the North American CS2 women's scene, recently winning an ESL Impact Cash Cup over Totsugeki, and finishing second place in another Cash Cup after losing against Shimmer, albeit without the full roster at the time.. At the time of publication Category 5 have a 4-1 record in ESEA Intermediate. The squad is comprised of Tig "Rice" Simpson and Bella "Alleb" Sinclair, former byte players who competed in ESL Impact League Season 3.

The team is asking for around $2,826 for three months of support from Nouns, which is set to be spent on salaries, league fees, and practice tool subscriptions. The proposal has been highlighted as a "low-risk + potential high return" investment, giving Nouns the chance to dip their toes into women's Counter-Strike scene.

In order for the proposal to be accepted, it needs to pass with an 8:5 ratio. At the moment of publication, the proposal has received three positive votes and a personal endorsement from Peter "ppd" Dager, a retired Dota 2 player who won The International 2015 with Evil Geniuses.

Given the public nature of the DAO, the proposal Category 5 submitted can be read here.

Category 5 consists of:

  • United States Bella "alleb" Sinclair

  • United States Natalie "ashe" Betts

  • United States Tig "Rice" Simpson

  • United States Riley "lunari" Luna

  • United States Tori "raynee" Gustafson

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#1(With 1 replies)
November 11, 2023 03:59PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
only valid use of NFT’s but they did really nail the concept
#2(With 0 replies)
November 11, 2023 04:02PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
they should like Class B shares/tokens/whatever they call them called Y’s cuz Y is only sometimes a vowel and they would only sometimes vote. that would be amusing and for this incredible idea they should give me one for free
#3(With 0 replies)
November 11, 2023 05:45PM
i really love nouns for this esport adventure and support its really appreciated
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