Latest CS2 update lets you throw the bomb really, really far

Steph from three.

Last night Valve released a massive, all-encompassing update that addressed issues like clipping, holes in the world, gameplay, and UI. Within that update, there was also a change to the physics of dropping weapons which seems to have also been added to the bomb.

Adjusted weapon drop trajectories to make throwing weapons more consistent, especially when throwing weapons downward

This morning, X user OrelStealth noticed that you could throw the bomb very long distances. In the clip shared, the player is on Dust II and while running up catwalk above the CT-spawn, is able to "throw" the bomb by jumping and dropping the bomb, all the way to the actual A-site plant. was able to recreate the exact movement and tested this out on several different maps, all with the same conclusion that it is now possible to drop the bomb much further distances than before.

The ability to toss the bomb longer distances now means that in some situations, players no longer have to risk exposure when looking to plant. It's still unknown if this change was intentional or just an oversight from some of the physics alterations. Either way, it's an interesting adjustment that could be used in some fun and possibly useful ways.

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