Report: XotiC resurfaces as v1king

The former Splyce player has seemingly returned to the game a year into retirement.

After making numerous appearances with blood, sweat, and tears, questions have been raised about the identity of Daniel "v1king" Martin as the player seemingly came out of nowhere. Looking into his ESEA profile provides few answers as it was created a little over a year ago and this is only the account's first season of Advanced.

After being unable to get in contact with v1king, has been informed by numerous sources that the account is being used by Zack "XotiC" Elshani, who failed to attend the ESEA MDL Season 29 Global Challenge with cantwinalan and subsequently retired from CS:GO.

According to a source from within blood, sweat, and tears' former organization, Polar Ace, management was told by the team that XotiC and v1king are the same person. However, as the team did not pay players individually, they could not be certain of v1king's identity.

However looking further into v1king, another ESEA account was found belonging to a player called Daniel "Mungsy" Martin that was created back in 2015. Mungsy is also known as v1king, and has a small YouTube channel alongside a now deleted Twitter and Twitch account, pointing to him being a real person. XotiC himself also played with Mungsy/v1king back in ESEA Advanced Season 29.

Additionally, if these two accounts were originally created by the same person, it is impossible for one of them to not be used by a different person as while Mungsy was playing in Intermediate playoffs at 9:30 PM EDT on March 30th, v1king was also playing at the exact same time in Advanced playoffs with blood, sweat, and tears.

There are also a number of coincidences pointing to the return of XotiC. Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen added XotiC's Steam account four days ago, which lines up with the player's appearance against Buffdaddy's PayPal Team. Furthermore, that Steam account's current alias is Pungsy, which is also a former alias of "v1king's" ESEA profile. Likewise, there is a FACEIT profile also called Pungsy that played a PUG with blood, sweat, and tears member Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak two nights ago.

For their part, blood, sweat, and tears have denied the claim that XotiC is playing as v1king.

The implications of XotiC allegedly using v1king's account are serious as it is against ESEA's rules on account sharing:

If a player is found to have been letting another user access their account during a match, the match will be overturned, and the player will be banned from the ESEA Network for account sharing. At the admin's discretion, the leader of the team who had a ringer can be banned for a week.

If in fact XotiC has been using v1king's account, blood, sweat, and tears risk having their matches overturned and any future spot in MDL or MDL relegation taken away. This has serious implications for the team as they are set to play in ESEA Advanced Season 33  losers' finals tonight at 9:3 PM EDT. 

At the time of publication XotiC has not responded to a request for comment from also reached out to ESEA regarding the identity of v1king, and the company would not provide further information due to EU privacy regulations.

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what happens if the matches get overturned? they reset the bracket or does the last team that L to them just come back?
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April 2, 2020 10:10PM
This kind of thing doesn't happen often so we'll have to wait to see how ESEA feels about it. If they find the action was worth an account sharing ban, I'd presume any matches played by v1king/XotiC at least would be overturned.
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April 2, 2020 10:14PM
Which that rests on whether they can determine if anyone but XotiC played with the account.
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lol who finally spilled the beans
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Dang this is good work
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