Wardell returning to Ghost closes the book on an ever-so NA drama

Wardell re-joins Ghost EPL roster

The enigmatic Canadian sniper is back with his old crew.

Matthew "Wardell" Bowman originally joined Rogue after Cvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov was lured away to NRG. His tenure with the team was brief, however, as he allegedly told his new teammates he would not be playing with them after all a mere two hours before their first ESL Pro League match. The player would later apologize, in addition his agent citing ESL loan rules for the situation.

Per the ESEA transactions log, Wardell has now re-joined the Ghost roster, something which was not a given. Making way for the sniper will be Phong "bee" Nguyen, who will step down to a coaching role. Also leaving the roster is backup Joshua "sancz" Ballenger, though the reason for this is unknown.

This leaves the active Ghost roster as follows:

  • United States seb
  • Canada CONNOR93
  • United States ryx
  • Brazil zqk
  • Canada Wardell
  • United States bee (Coach)

Ghost are currently unable to field Jason "neptune" Tran in ESL Pro League because he is only 15 years old - the team would not comment on what their composition will be once he turns 16 in two weeks. The new Ghost roster will next play against Luminosity on September 6 in ESL Pro League.

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