Anime Boomers win DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 BYOC

The mixteam had little trouble in their perfect run through the bracket.

Anime Boomers have claimed victory at the 20-team DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 BYOC this weekend, not dropping a single map on their way to claiming the lion's share of the $2,500 prizepool.

Anime Boomers had little trouble in their opening matchups, claiming quick best-of-one victories over Phys, kawaiiboyclique, Sweep The Leg, and SparroW's Nest. 

Following that, Anime Boomers continued their immaculate run  in the winners' finals as they took down Shrimp's Pimps 2-0. Then to finish off the run they bested Shrimp's Pimps for the second time as they crushed the team 3-0 in the grand finals.

The standings for the top four teams in attendance at DreamHack Atlanta's BYOC tournament were:

1. United States Anime Boomers (Sora, pol0, Antonio, Benji, SLIGHT) - $1,250
2. United States Shrimp's Pimps (Shrimply, Jeremy, laserrr, Cyrix, DWS1) - $750
3. United States Sweep The Leg (LeNNchuck, samwize, SNORESSS, misfolk-, BrentM) - $500
4. United States Shoukr's Money Crew (Blakers, tem, arbiter, L0NER, wlctech)

The full bracket is available here.

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November 17, 2019 09:03PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
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Dust2 Birthday cake!
Ok boomer
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November 18, 2019 11:31AM
At least one anime team picked up a dub there
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