The mice are on the big stage

frozen on Jimpphat: "That's how I played when I was younger"

MOUZ head to their first arena event since the Rio Major.

In their final game in the group stage of IEM Dallas, MOUZ faced another international team, OG, on their way to playoffs. The Aussie led team came out on top, finally putting OG's stand-in situation in their place. David "frozen" Čerňanský was the star of the show, putting up 44 frags and amassing a 1.60 rating over two maps.

After the young Slovak's lovely game,' Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore caught up with the star to talk about MOUZ recent troubles, his time on MOUZ, and the future of the Czechoslovakian scene.

How does it feel to make your second playoffs of the year?

It feels great. As you said, its our second playoffs of the year, our first in front of a crowd since Rio. It feels amazing to be back in the arena.

What has changed in the team since your loss in Paris that has enabled your team to make playoffs here?

I think the culture in the team allows this. We're very open minded to critique. You can be very honest to people, and that makes us reset better from tournament to tournament. I think the culture would be one of the biggest reasons that we can bounce back after a rough Major.

You've been playing professionally for over five years at this point, despite being only twenty years old. Does your experience rub off on your fellow teammates?

I hope so! I'm always there if they need something. I'm here to answer the questions. These guys are probably going through the same things I went through a couple of years ago. I'm just here trying to offer my helping hand when it's needed. In the server, I lurk so it's hard to show that experience in game, but I'm just working with what I've got and trying my best.

A lot of old guard players, f0rest, nitr0, etc. move on, leaving players like you to be the experienced ones. With that, we've seen younger players, the age of you when you started playing, to come in. We have Jimpphat from MOUZ NXT, who is almost having the same dizzying high as you had when you were 15, 16. What do you think about his prospects as a pro player?

I think Jimpphat is insane to be honest. Now that you've said it, I had the same highs as I was younger. I think it was this morning I was talking to our coach watching his games and I said "that's how I played when I was younger!" I think he has a long future ahead of him, he's a great player. Obviously still a lot to learn, only sixteen years old, but I think he has a lot of time to prove himself. But he's doing great.

You may not feel like it, but you're sort of the elder statesman of the Slovak scene now. GuardiaN was once that, and now, at the age of only 20, you're the de facto player all the young Slovaks look up to. Is there anyone in the Slovak or Czech scene that has impressed you that could carry that next generation?

STYKO is there obviously, but he's been around for some time already. I think one player that is popping off in the Czechoslovakian scene is MATYS. I think people should definitely look at him. He's shooting some good heads.

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