How to check if you have been added to the CS2 Limited Test

On the off chance you have been added to the beta, here is how you can see if you will have access.

Recently a thread was posted on Reddit by u/Nadeproductions that he had been added to the CS2 Limited test on May 21st, the day of the Major final. Replying to a comment, the user also determined that he was unable to launch the game, but other users in response to that post and u/Impossible-Sell1948's post had confirmed that they had also been added to the Limited beta following the 21st of May.

So, how exactly do you check if you have been added to the Limited test since it has seemingly given these users no notification of the fact they have been included? Firstly, go to your Steam page then at the top left corner there will be a "help" option then click on Steam support. After clicking on that, then select Counter-Strike and you will be able to see the date that you purchased CS:GO and if you have access to the beta, it will say "Added to your Steam library as part of Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Invite. Or, you can click here to go directly there.

Valve is yet to announce any further plans for CS2, as the final Major coming with no indication of what's next for Global Offensive's successor. With the game slated for release this summer, keep an eye out to see if you have been added for potentially the next wave of testing.

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