Liquid are one win away from completing the reverse sweep

What to expect from Liquid v. Grayhound

North America's best team will have to beat the Australian underdogs to complete a 0-2 reverse sweep.

After Liquid's shocking start to the Major, going 0-2 on the first day after close losses to Apeks and FORZE, they squeezed out a win over Brazilian minnows Fluxo. They then walked over fellow NA side Complexity to set themselves up for the reverse sweep against Grayhound.

Liquid look to reverse sweep

It's too early to start drawing comparisons between Liquid and Cloud9's 2018 Boston run, however, the Liquid that turned up against Complexity are much more like a playoff contender than what they had shown previously. There is still a way to go before NA fans can start believing in a deep run, and whilst they showed up yesterday who knows what Liquid will turn up to play against Grayhound.

  • Keith "NAF" Markovic has bounced back from a 0.55 rating in game one to lead the team with a 1.19 rating at the event

  • Liquid have never missed the Legends stage since the format was introduced

  • Liquid could make the Legends stage without beating a European team

Grayhound upsetting pick'ems...again

The Australian team are the perennial underdogs, and love upsetting at the Major. This time, they have already gone better than just upsetting your pick'ems and leaving. With wins over TheMongolz and a shock win over FORZE, leaving them still with a chance of qualification heading into the last day. Grayhound may have suffered against Apeks, but they played NIP close in their match and will take confidence against what we have seen as a Liquid team not at their best.

  • Their 16-0 at the hands of Apeks was only the third in Major history.

  • Joshua "INS" Potter is the only player to have a positive rating at the event, 1.09

  • Jay "Liazz" Tregillgas is the only Grayhound player to have made it past Challengers, back in 2019 for Renegades

Likely Vetoes

  • Liquid ban Vertigo, perma ban

  • Grayhound ban Overpass, perma ban

  • Liquid pick Anubis, feel confident on it and Grayhound aren't

  • Grayhound pick Inferno, 73% win rate and 67% first pick

  • Mirage, Liquid might pick Mirage but Anubis would be a good punish pick with the Aussies struggling on the new map

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May 11, 2023 10:58AM
i really hope liquid don't lose, it would look pretty bad
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