Wildcard confirm entry into CS:GO

The NA organization has made the leap into CS:GO to support the local scene.

As first reported by Dust2.us, Wildcard have today confirmed their entry in CS:GO with the acquisition of Detonate's roster. The move sees the squad, ranked eighth in North America on HLTV, make the jump to the larger more well-established organization that also currently hosts teams in Dota 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege, among other titles.

One change that has come to pass since Dust2.us' report is that Danish coach Philippe "Winspai" Mølgaard Ouabaid has exited the project, leaving the team on the lookout for a new head coach. Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray, who has joined Wildcard as the CS:GO manager, told Dust2.us that Wildcard are in the process of deciding on the Dane's replacement.

While this new squad recently missed on the BLAST.tv Paris Americas RMR due to unfortunate circumstances, they are viewed as upcomers in the NA scene, having made ECL playoffs last season while regularly challenging squads ranked above them in competitive series.

Wildcard are now:

  • United States Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore

  • Canada Adam "freshie" Paterson

  • United States Jack "micro" Ryan

  • United States Brett "brett" Rhein

  • United States Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan

  • United States Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray (Manager)

Wildcard will make their proper introduction into CS:GO when they play their first match in ESL Challenger League Season 45 against Limitless on April 26th.

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April 24, 2023 07:03PM
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April 24, 2023 07:03PM
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April 24, 2023 07:30PM
Some good guys! Great pickup! Can't wait to follow them on their journey!
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April 24, 2023 08:06PM
Let's go! Love this team.
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April 25, 2023 07:02AM
really cool to see teams in NA getting signed
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April 25, 2023 01:58PM
NATURE IS HEALING. Sad these guys didn't play the RMR though, tier 2 teams need much more lan games than they currently get.
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