Paris Major last to be played on CS:GO

The conclusion of the Paris Major will see a one-year drought of Majors in the scene.

Valve have announced on Twitter that the upcoming Paris Major will be the last Major to be played on the current version of CS:GO, with the next Major set to be placed on the recently unveiled Source 2 version. Valve also clarified that the first Major on Source 2 would not be played until March 2024, meaning that there will be only a single Major to be played this year.

The recent release of the Counter-Strike 2 limited beta test raised a multitude of questions in the community surrounding the implementation of the new game in professional play, chief among them being the timeline at which the engine would be introduced in top events. With the full release not set to be until the summer of this year, it was clear that the Paris Major would still be played on the old version, but questions remained regarding future events, notably the subsequent Major, previously planned for this upcoming fall.

Valve's decision to not host a second Major in the latter half of this year will certainly elicit mixed reactions; fans may be disappointed that 2023 will feature only one Major, but pros may welcome the opportunity to hone their skills on the new engine rather than jumping headfirst into competition with limited preparation. Regardless of one's thoughts on the matter, this decision will undoubtedly make the Paris Major one to remember.

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