This marks the end of koi's time in esports (for now at least)

Davenport University loses vital component

The face of the University's Counter-Strike program penned a heartfelt departure message on Twitter.

After 14 months with the collegiate team, Colin "koi" Thor has revealed that he has stepped down from running operations for the CS:GO program. Initially joining as the head coach, koi would later go on to be the man doing it all for the program, adding two additional teams to compete in ESEA competitions for a time in late 2022. Announcing his decision via Twitter, the former MOUZ assistant coach noted that it was due to a mixture of personal mental health reasons, citing his mother's passing as a major contributing factor.

Accomplishing unprecedented feats during his tenure with DU, koi and the D1 lineup were the first collegiate team to qualify for ESL Challenger League, playing in the division in seasons 42 and 44. On LAN, koi was nearly able to lead the team to a playoff appearance at Fragadelphia 17, barely missing out as they went down 2-1 to Evil Geniuses Black in the decisive game. koi also remarked that while he has not reached his goal of winning North America another Major, he believes DU CS:GO helped improve a scene that many considered to be dead in the water, which is hard to dispute.

This may not be the last we see of koi in esports, with the 22-year-old leaving the door open to a possible return in the future, although he has revealed he will be pursuing business opportunities as well as returning to school. As for his replacement, koi revealed that he will be helping D1 assistant coach Luke "Viathan" Carstens, who will be running the program in the immediate future.

From all of us at, we would like to wish koi all the best in his future endeavors outside of esports.

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March 24, 2023 03:40PM
All the best to Koi. Hard not to understate what he's done for the scene. Hope we see him again at some point, if it brings him joy.
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