Are we just baiting for some interactions now?

autimatic and vorborg tease new signing

The rifler has taken to Twitter to stoke the flames.

Evil Geniuses have been in the news a lot within the last few days as they recently parted ways with their EG White roster and were recently linked to Ismail "refrezh" Ali to replace the young Jadan "HexT" Postma.

With so much news going around on Twitter, it seems that Timothy "autimatic" Ta and coach Daniel "Vorborg" Vorborg are having some fun on twitter teasing the news with their clever posts.

Autimatic took to twitter this afternoon to post an image of his a new M4A4 rifle craft, which featured the gold stickers of several EG players which included Sanzhar "neaLan" Iskhakov, Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte, and autimatic, but also of the heavily-linked refrezh.

vorborg tried to be more... subtle with his tweet by asking if people were "pressing refrezh all the time on the @CSGO twitter page?"

Yeah, we don't buy it. knows that nothing has been formally signed yet between Evil Geniuses and refrezh, but hey, maybe they're getting closer?

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March 20, 2023 06:46PM
?? I am just hyped for Source2
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