Detonate SparX win first event

The newly-signed squad got their first trophy under the Detonate banner.

The team formerly known as Chimkin is back to winning ways on ESL Impact Cash Cups as they got their first tournament victory while representing Detonate, just a few days after signing with the organization.

Detonate SparX, then still orgless, had lost the previous Cash Cup against Shimmer in the grand finals, but this time the former winners were not playing after winning twice in a row.

After a very successful start to their ESL Impact League Season 3 NA campaign, with a convincing 2-0 win over EG Gold, Detonate SparX were looking to gather even more momentum before week 2 of the all-women's league.

The squad, as usual, breezed past the quarter and semifinals, only dropping 10 rounds throughout three maps. The grand final was between SparX and Factor Ruby, another recently signed team, formerly known as U-Turn. The series was closer than the previous one, but the heavy favorites proved their worth and conquered their third Cash Cup in four played with 16-7 and 16-8 maps.

Julie "Bouchard" Bouchard averaged 121.92 damage per round throughout the first three maps of the competition, proving to be a reliable fragging IGL. During the final series, Joanne "sapphire" Tan, CJ "Chowdzz" Johnson, and Andrea "Andrea" Bracewell made the IGL's job a bit easier as the three of them clicked a lot of heads together.

The final standings for this iteration of ESL Impact Cash Cup are:

1. United States Detonate SparX - $750
2. United States Factor Ruby - $250
3-4. Cherry Bombs
3-4. United States Sheer Heart Attack

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