EG Gold sign Swedish import

After a two-month search, EG Gold have settled on their new fifth.

Evil Geniuses Gold have completed their lineup with the addition of former NIP Female player Tilde "7licious" Byström. 7licious' addition to the roster marks the end of a two-month long period where Evil Geniuses tried out a number of new candidates after parting ways with Lucy "empathy" Verkaik on January 27th.

Despite only being announced today, 7licious has been a regular fixture on EG Gold for around two weeks, helping the squad in their final four matches in ESEA Intermediate Season 44. Unfortunately her debut with the team on HLTV was spoiled last night as EG Gold suffered a 2-0 loss to the newly signed Detonate SparX squad in ESL Impact Season 3.

For the moment, 7licious will be playing for EG Gold from Sweden, with the player set to make the journey over to NA in April.

Evil Geniuses Gold are now:

  • United States Anna "garden" Gutierrez

  • Canada Jessica "Jesscas" Ngo

  • United States Kiara "m1lky" Makua

  • Kiki "PiggyKiki" Long

  • Sweden Tilde "7licious" Byström

  • United States Louis "onter" Contreras (Coach)

EG Gold's next match in ESL Impact Season 3 will be against Factor Ruby on March 15th at Wednesday 07:30PM.

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