MarKE led the way for his squad in the final versus Strife

Nouns claim last spot at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown

With this win, Nouns continue their resounding domestic success.

The Ace North American Masters Spring event has drawn to a close, seeing a red-hot Nouns take down Strife in the grand finals, securing Nouns a place in yet another important event, this time the Americas BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. This victory comes after Nouns recent qualifications for the Paris Major Americas RMR and IEM Dallas.

Nouns marched into the playoffs of the Ace North American Masters Spring after a brief hiccup in the group stage, winning their opening match versus Tsunami before stumbling against timbermen in the winners match. A close 16-12 win over Mythic would push Nouns into the semifinals of the event, squaring them off against yur, another side who qualified for the Paris Major Americas RMR.

Once in the playoffs, Nouns shed the shaky form that they had displayed in the group stage, as they posted two dominant map wins over yur, with 16-7 and 16-5 scorelines on Inferno and Overpass, respectively. This secured Nouns a place in the grand finals versus Strife, featuring former Nouns IGL Bobby "stamina" Eitrem.

After a close first half on Strife's pick of Nuke, where Nouns edged out an 8-7 lead on the CT-side, Nouns stormed ahead in the second half despite a pistol round win from Strife, marching ahead to a 16-10 victory on their opponent's pick. Nouns carried this momentum into their own pick, racking up 11 rounds on the offense on Mirage. Strife once again locked down the second pistol round, and although they were able to convert this time Nouns quickly found themselves back in action as they rolled into a 16-8 victory, qualifying them for the Americas BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

2 - 0
All maps
Nouns K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Mexico Edgar 'MarKE' Maldonado 44 - 29 +15 85.5 76.0% 1.35
United States Brendan 'Bwills' Williams 43 - 28 +15 82.8 78.0% 1.32
United States David 'cynic' Polster 34 - 29 +5 78.7 78.0% 1.21
United States Carson 'nosraC' O'Reilly 31 - 27 +4 73.6 72.0% 1.12
United States Christopher 'cJ dA K1nG' Jones 28 - 31 -3 65.3 72.0% 0.96
Strife K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Gage 'Infinite' Green 41 - 34 +7 83.6 76.0% 1.17
United States Bobby 'stamina' Eitrem 33 - 34 -1 72.6 70.0% 1.07
Canada David 'J0LZ' Jolin 24 - 38 -14 67.9 56.0% 0.77
Canada Paul 'aris' Wilson 23 - 39 -16 57.9 56.0% 0.72
United States Ryan 'Snakes' Amann 23 - 35 -12 51.8 64.0% 0.69

With their numerous qualifier victories, Nouns have earned themselves a packed schedule in the coming months. Their run in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown will begin at the end of March, coinciding with ESL Challenger League playoffs and the North American ESL Challenger Melbourne Closed Qualifier. Once March comes to a close, Nouns will kick off April with their campaign in the RMR, before winding down the spring season with a showing at IEM Dallas.

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Nouns have been on a heater
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Just let em cook baby
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