A topsy turvy game didn't go the way of the Brazilians.

00 Nation avoid last place after miraculous comeback

Thanks to a miraculous comeback on Inferno, 00 Nation are still in it

In a testy affair for the unsigned Australians of Rooster playing against some of the biggest names in Brazilian Counter-Strike, the last place decider match was a hotly contested matchup. 00 Nation were looking to avoid the ignominy of finishing in last while Rooster were looking to at least come away with one victory in a remarkable European adventure which has included a self-funded bootcamp.

The match started out on Rooster's pick of Anubis which turned out to not be much of a contest at all as Rooster just completely ran over 00 Nation. The Australians showed an incredibly staunch defense as they deterred every attack from the Brazilians giving themselves an impressive 12-3 lead on their CT side. It didn't get much better for 00 Nation as the squad would fail to win the second half pistol and lose the map 16-3.

Hopes that 00 Nation would be able to rebound on their own map pick of Inferno were quickly dashed as Rooster once again showed an otherworldly dominant T-side that crushed the Brazilian defenses. In what was very similar to the Anubis first half, Rooster were simply the better team as they cruised to a 12-3 half and were in touching distance of a miraculous upset over a talented squad.

With 00 Nation having their backs against the wall, they dug deep and ground out several rounds to build their own momentum. While things started to get scary for the Brazilians after Rooster found two rounds to widen the gap to 14-7 from 12-3, 00 Nation were able to hang in the game by playing clinical CS:GO and eventually tied up the game at 14-14. 00 Nation somehow where able to pull it all the way back to win 16-14, which included a successful 3v5 situation to close it all out.

With the match going to the third map it really could be anyone's game. With both sides going to Mirage, it was looking like the momentum was squarely on the shoulders of 00 Nation thanks to their improbable comeback. They immediately jumped out to a solid 7-0 lead, however the Brazilians could not keep a hold on that lead as they let Rooster come back into the game with six rounds to end the half 9-6.

The second half was where Rooster started to come alive as they pushed forward and took the lead for the first time at 10-9, but just as they took the lead, 00 Nation tied it up at 11-11. The Brazilians would take the little bit of momentum and take it all the way as they secured the last few rounds to take the BO3.

00 Nation will look to play tomorrow against the loser of OG v. NIP.

1 - 2
All maps
Rooster K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Australia Tyson 'asap' Paterson 61 - 50 +11 85.5 72.7% 1.24
New Zealand Corey 'nettik' Browne 59 - 52 +7 83.6 75.3% 1.17
Australia Tynan 'TjP' Purtell 55 - 58 -3 86.2 72.7% 1.13
New Zealand Michael 'chelleos' Hawkins 46 - 50 -4 64.1 70.1% 1.02
Australia Akram 'ADK' Smida 43 - 51 -8 58.1 74.0% 0.91
00NATION K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Eduardo 'dumau' Wolkmer 61 - 51 +10 88.4 75.3% 1.23
Brazil Lucas 'nqz' Soares 63 - 49 +14 82.2 72.7% 1.19
Brazil Bruno 'latto' Rebelatto 46 - 45 +1 66.8 76.6% 1.03
Brazil Marcelo 'coldzera' David 46 - 55 -9 71.6 67.5% 0.93
Brazil Leonardo 'n9xtz' Santos 42 - 65 -23 65.7 72.7% 0.90

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