biguzera called a superb game to take paiN one step closer to playoffs

NEKIZ: "Every tactic biguzera called during freeze time worked"

paiN emerge victorious after a scuffle with OG.

In the post-match interview on the couch, Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, Alex “Mauisnake” Ellenberg, and Tres "stunna" Saranthus talked with paiN after their surprise victory over OG to narrowly escape the last-chance bracket. The laid-back environment led to fun topics, like when Mauisnake used to play with some of the paiN members in North American pug matches.

Regarding hero weapon purchases, Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt said

It heavily depends on the position you're playing. If you play banana on T-side, you'll be the one receiving the hero AK.

Mauisnake then asked how it felt to win this massive game against OG on Inferno, to which the paiN players responded

Gabriel "NEKIZ" Schenato: I feel like biguzera made some really good calls on T-side. Every tactic he called during freeze time worked. For the CT-side, we struggled a little bit on B, they played very well on the fights in banana. Eventually, we managed to win playing more passive on B.

biguzera: In my opinion, on Inferno, you don't fight too much on A. Playing from moto, from pit, those are all good positions and it's so difficult to kill those players. So, we can play 3 B and play with our nades. That's it, but it was a difficult CT-side today.

It looked like you guys had a really good grasp on how OG wanted to play their CT-side. You did a lot of A wraps, a play which most teams want to prevent, but you guys were able to pull it off so successfully and so consistently.

biguzera: I think this comes more from our coach, rikz, who said they always start B to drop nades, so we can just continue rushing A. Anyways, we lost a few close rounds.

NEKIZ: Yeah, we lost two rounds, a 2v2 and 1v1, which if we won, would have made it much easier.

After announcing Felipe "skullz" Medeiros as the player of the match, the veterans of paiN had good words to say about the youngster.

NEKIZ: skullz is a very good guy, he deserves it. People say he's the first kid with a beard haha. But he's insane, he played super well.

biguzera: He's also very calm. I've never played with someone like him. He plays like he's driving a car, just very smooth.

Talking about the difficulty of replacing Vinicios "PKL" Coelho with Gabriel "NEKIZ" Schenato,

biguzera: Honestly, I didn't think it would be easy to play like this. I think we've broken the curse, where before we haven't beat any top-tier teams. Hopefully, this is just the first of many. It's a good start for us, and it's good preparation for the RMRs. We really want to go to Paris.

Why did you ban Mirage, we thought you were going to ban Overpass?

biguzera: I think they [OG] thought so too. Mirage is a good map for them, and I don't think it's a good map to play against them today. They just changed their IGL role and Mirage is a map that everyone can play. It has a lot of defaults and step-by-step play. Overpass would be difficult for them, and that's it. We play seven maps, so, why not.

Who do you think you're playing next, NIP or Grayhound?

Both: NIP.

NEKIZ: If there is any European team that Grayhound can beat, it's NIP. I think Grayhound have a chance, but I still predict NIP. We played against them in the first match, and it was two close maps.

NEKIZ ended up being correct, as Grayhound went on to defeat NIP later that day. paiN's next match is against Grayhound in the lower bracket finals for a spot in the playoffs. If they lose though, they still have one more opportunity in the last-chance stage. paiN face the Aussies tomorrow, March 11, at 10:00AM.

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