paiN closing out a massive win

paiN close out massive upset

A surprising victory for Brazil!

paiN showed their strength in a victory yesterday over Rooster, but their reward for doing so placed them against the formidable Europeans in OG. While the Brazilians have proved to sometimes be ineffectual at the international stage, now was their chance to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them to show their ability. OG, meanwhile, are considered the favorites in this matchup considering their experience and historical performance against similar opponents.

The game started off on paiN's pick of Vertigo, where the Brazilians came out to a roaring start thanks to a pistol round win that propelled them to a 7-1 lead to kick things off. With the game already going in paiN's favor, they did all they could to close out the half 11-4 and put them in prime position to begin the contest with a clear win.

But while paiN's T-side was effective, their CT-side was not. OG founds themselves winning the pistol round and slowly chipping away at the deficit before them. With OG smelling a come-from-behind victory, they would inch ever closer despite paiN securing their 15th round. while OG made it tough, paiN were able to get their 16th and win the map 16-14.

With OG pushed to the brink, they knew they had to act fast if they wanted to stay alive in this matchup. With paiN feeling the momentum they once again started off hot with a 4-0 lead that would soon turn into a 8-3 lead on their defense. However, That would all that paiN got as OG somehow stormed back winning the half 8-7.

And as said before, those eight rounds would be all that paiN got as OG would play clinically and close out the second half in a flawless manner to take their own map pick 16-8.

With the final map of the BO3 leading us to Inferno, it looked like paiN might have a slight edge. The Brazilians definitely showed that opening edge as they, for the third time, came roaring out to a 7-2 lead against the Europeans. Things were really looking paiN's way with the hope that they could close out a significant upset in a crucial match for the squad. The half would end 9-6 in paiN's favor as OG were starting to claw back.

The second half got scary for the Brazilians, as OG briefly took an 11-10 lead after securing the second half pistol round, but paiN was right back in form as they regained control and tied it up at 12-12. It would be back and forth constantly until paiN proved to be the stronger side, closing it out once again 16-14.

paiN are now headed to the Lower Bracket Finals where they will be playing against the winner of NIP v. Grayhound.

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