FURIA fe to lose superstar

In a shock report, FURIA are going to have to grapple with a lost star.

This morning, Dust2 Brasil reported that HLTV's #2 Women's Player of 2022, Olga "⁠Olga⁠" Rodrigues would be leaving the FURIA organization in search of opportunities in the international scene.

According to the report, Olga has reportedly asked to leave FURIA as she will participate in an international team which has not yet been revealed.

FURIA is racing to replace the superstar women's player as ESL Impact South America kicks off next week. The organization is targeting Bruna "Bruna_Killer" Bonfati, from W7M and Mariana "LyttleZ" Sabia from MIBR, the latter of which has recently been benched.

With Olga's departure, FURIA is once again needing to make a change after they had just replaced Mariana "mari" Preste with Gabriela "bokor" Bokor in early January.

Olga has been part of the FURIA roster since September 2021 and played a crucial role in propelling the squad to international acclaim with dominant performances both domestically and on the world stage. FURIA won the Women's Gamers Club Masters twice, lifted the Ela Faz O Game trophy, and a swath of additional events. She also was HLTV's #2 Women's Player of the Year.

On the international stage, the squad went to the finals in three separate events; ESL Impact Finals S1, ESL Impact Valencia, and ESL Impact Finals S2. In each of those finals, they would inevitably fall to Nigma Galaxy, largely accepted as the best women's team in the world. Most recently, the team participated in ESL Impact Katowice, where they lose in the Semi-Finals to none other than Nigma Galaxy.

With the departure of Olga, FURIA Fe's roster looks like this;

  • Brazil Gabriela "bokor" Bokor

  • Brazil Gabriela "GaBi" Maldonado

  • Brazil Izabella "izaa" Galle

  • Brazil Karina "kaah" Takahashi

  • Brazil Lucas "segalla" Mancini (coach)

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March 7, 2023 08:08PM
TSM Olga? I wonder who else they'd bring in to build the team around. Tbh, I think I'd rather see her in BIG Equipa because Olga + Zana could be pretty strong and actually challenge Nigma
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