hallzerk is working hard to secure his first big stage appearance

hallzerk on playing in Spodek: "It would be so f***ing sick"

A close win over MOUZ has kept Complexity's Katowice run alive.

After fighting tooth and nail to get through the IEM Katowice Play-In, Complexity have secured their first win of the main stage, besting MOUZ 2-1 in the lower bracket after initially getting sent down after a 2-1 loss to Heroic. Shortly after eliminating MOUZ, Dust2.us' Liam "Slevo" Slevin snatched Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli for his thoughts on the match, the team's run in Katowice so far, and what it's like playing with Michael "Grim" Wince.

How are you feeling after that game versus MOUZ, especially with how close it was?

It went well. We played some really good CS on Inferno, and we managed to be ice-cold on the CT-side of Ancient. Usually, the problem we have is closing out matches, and we have been talking about stuff and we've finally managed to do it in a really comfortable way.

On Inferno, you in particular played some great CS, and yesterday floppy on Inferno said he had "plot armor". Did you feel like you had that plot armor today?

Yeah I mean I felt like nobody could kill me, so I was just peeking everything. I like to say that I got the premium kevlar and I had that today. It was good for me to have a game like that finally where I can just do whatever I want to do and it's working for me. Gives me more confidence for the next matches.

You, FaNg, floppy, and Grim have each had stellar maps so far at Katowice. What kind of message do you think that sends to other teams?

I think every single player on this team can just pop off, and the other teams just have to be aware of that. They can't just counter one of the players, because then the other ones are going to pop off, so it's really hard for them to counter us. If one of us has a good game, we're most likely going to win.

Nuke has been a good map for you guys recently, but today you had some struggles. What happened there?

I don't know what really happened there. I'll have to look back at it later today, but I think we were really aware that they were going to pick Nuke... at least I didn't know that. I was not aware they were going to pick that. No matter if we were ready for that or not, we should be ready to play better, so we have to go back later today and look at what happened and fix the mistakes.

How important is it for your mental to get a game like this where you can close it out when it's close?

It's definitely good. Every win we get is good for everyone's confidence, no matter if it's 16-1 or 19-17. A win is a win, and it will be a good confidence booster for everyone.

You've got fnatic up next, tell me what is that matchup like for you?

I think it's good. They are five very good players. I mean we are also five very good players, and they are a good team, and we are a good team, so let the best team win tomorrow!

If you guys beat fnatic, you'll have one more test to get to the Spodek. You've had a playoff run at EPL, but without a big crowd. How important would it be for you guys to get a run at playoffs with a big crowd like at the Spodek?

It would be so fucking sick. I've never been in a big crowd or even a big stage at all, so being able to do one of the biggest ones of the year would be insane. We are doing everything we can to get there.

I interviewed Grim the other day and chatted with him about your guys' bromance. Tell me what it's like playing with him.

I love playing with him. I sit beside him, and they're rushing his site, and I can see him getting three kills in my side view, and I'm just sitting there relaxing going "Ah, easy". Lovely guy, and insane at CS, so it's perfect.

One last question. Grim, you love him, but is he trying to steal your AWP after that last performance toward the end of Ancient?

I think so man, I think he got more kills than me with the AWP the last few rounds there. But that just shows how good he actually is as a player, he can do everything, and with the AWP he is also dangerous so people have to be aware of that as well.

Complexity will continue their run in the IEM Katowice lower bracket tomorrow, with their match versus fnatic scheduled for Tuesday at 06:30AM.

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