A 30-bomb on the first map set a high bar for the rest of the series

floppy: "The progress is definitely coming"

Despite the loss, the rifler had a stand-out performance on Inferno.

After qualifying for the group stage of IEM Katowice with a win over ENCE, Complexity had the tough task to face Heroic in their first match on the main stage of the tournament. Despite a good performance from Ricky "floppy" Kemery on the first map, the team couldn't win it, and ultimately lost the series 2-1, after stealing Heroic's pick.

Dust2.us' Liam "Slevo" Slevin talked with floppy about his stellar T-side Inferno and the series in general, as well as Michael "Grim" Wince's performances and Complexity's progress since the end of last year.

Kind of unfortunate not to close that series against Heroic, but a really good showing against the number one team in the world. People have been saying "Grimferno" recently but that performance, the 30-bomb, tell me a bit about it.

I think T-side I kind of had plot armor, where I'm not really getting shot at but I think we had a really good gameplan going into the T-side of Inferno and we just capitalized on it. I think it was the first three rounds I was just being fed kills from people with Five-Sevens and MP9s, so it was one of those games for me.

Unfortunately you weren't able to close out on Inferno. It looked like it was going well but what do you think went wrong in the game overall for the team?

Our T-side was fine, we got nine rounds, we take that. I think that on the CT-side, we had a gameplan going into it, obviously, I think we had good Brackets setups that we wanted to counter and I think we just missed shots maybe because flashes were hitting that, we were blind and they were just out-aiming us on Mid.

Vertigo is a map that you as a team haven't been playing much but looked like an amazing showing against a team like Heroic that is picking it and they have been good pretty good on it as well. What has happened while practicing that map lately?

In practice it went fine but yesterday we had to talk a little bit because I went 4-21 so we had to talk about some stuff towards B on CT. We had a good performance on Vertigo today, so I'm really happy to see that progress.

At BLAST, EG took Heroic pretty close in the second game and beat them in the first. You took them pretty close here, do you think it's a good stylistically match-up for NA teams at the moment?

I think they have a couple of reads they have to be working on. Obviously, we lost but Inferno we shouldn't be getting nine T-side rounds or them getting six CT-side rounds. It could be, I didn't look into the EG game much, like what EG was doing in regard to that.

Another person on your team that has been performing amazingly lately, has been Grim. What's been like seeing his improvement as a player lately?

Mike has always been a mechanical beast. I'm glad that he has been showing his abilities to the world. I'll do everything I can to support him, just dropping guns, I'll be like a SANJI, I'll just drop him a Galil and he gives me a Deagle or something, so it's fine. If he gets kills, he gets kills, it's nice.

Overall with Complexity, here we have been seeing an improvement from BLAST groups or towards the end of last season. How have you been feeling about the progress of the team lately?

The progress is definitely coming. We have been putting in 12 or 13-hour practices, just living in the prac room at this point because the results we had before, against FaZe and Liquid at BLAST were not what we wanted. We didn't play up to our potential so I think that as long as we keep doing what we are doing and fixing these minor mistakes we made today, we will get better and better.

You guys are going to have MOUZ next in the lower bracket. Tell me a bit about those guys as a match-up for you.

I haven't put too much thought into it, yet. I think they are also a good team like Heroic. We need to keep putting in as much effort as we get this tournament, trying to get as far as we can.

With your form, do you think there's potential there for a good lower bracket run, now?

I would be lying if I said no. I think we can beat MOUZ tomorrow.

Complexity will face MOUZ today in the lower bracket, at 11:30AM.

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