Isurus' passion has been on display as they look to be the second Argentine team to qualify to a Major

Noktse: "I wouldn't exist without pino, he is a second dad"

Despite the massive odds, Isurus are two series away from qualifying to the Rio Major.

After Isurus' upset win over MIBR,' Dafydd Gwynn had a chance to sit down with the team's IGL Nicolás "Noktse" Dávila for a quick interview. The pair discussed Isurus' impressive underdog run in the RMR, the team's quick uptake after adding three members a month ago, and Noktse's incredible relationship with Isurus' coach Rodrigo "pino" Manarino, among other topics.

You've won two games here at the Americas RMR so far, beating your record from Antwerp. How does that feel?

We feel amazing. This new lineup has been together for maybe a month and a half. We came here looking to improve and to have this be a LAN experience for us. Now being 2-2 is a dream for us. We want to keep fighting, you know?

There are a lot of underdogs in this event like Infinity and Arctic, but you have exceeded the rest and come a long way. What motivated you to get those results?

Like I said before, when we played the South America qualifier, the idea was for us as a new roster was okay for us if we don't manage to qualify for this event. We know we are underdogs so it's easier because we have pressure, but at the same time we want to fight and keep playing. The team are finding ourselves in between the games.

How have your three new players been performing and how has the experience of LAN gone for them?

We played before with Reversive and meyern, and this is luchov's first big LAN experience. But, he's a beast. He managed to exceed my expectations to be honest. I did an interview a month before when we qualified for this event, and I said it would be normal if he gets nervous in the matches, but none of that happened. He's composed and adding so much to the team and I'm proud of him.

Isurus were screaming their heads off in that game, how important is hype to your team?

It is quite important. We're trying to find that balance where we are not asleep but at the same time we're not that hyped that we get nervous and start to make mistakes. I think it's better to be higher than lower, you know? We are finding that balance in this tournament actually.

MIBR are a storied organization with a lot of history, how did it feel to beat an SA powerhouse like that?

It feels awesome. Last RMR, they did really well and are a great team, and we respect them a lot. So we came to that match knowing what we were facing and the fact that we managed to close it out was awesome for us because it means we can play at a high level as well. We know that, but we proving that so it's a boost for our confidence.

What is your mentality heading into the game tomorrow?

Any idea we face we need to play our A-game, and if we play our A-game we can almost beat anyone. We feel like that. That's the expectation for us, we want to keep competing and playing. It has to be two Bo3's and that's it.

What's the relationship like on the team between you as the IGL and pino as the coach?

I wouldn't exist without pino. pino for me is a second dad, and we have been together for three years already and he keeps me rolling every time we have tough results or great results as well. He keeps me on the line every time, and he helps the team a lot. He's a vital part of everything.

Anything else you want to talk about before I let you go?

I want to thank all our fans in Argentina and South America. We have a great fanbase: our organization, families, girlfriends, everyone that cheers for us. We want to thank them. I want to thank the event and the organizers as well because they make us feel comfortable that we've ever played.

Isurus are currently up a map against NA fan favorites Complexity. If they win against COL, they will move on to the tiebreaker round to try and clinch the final Americas RMR spot in Rio.

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