shinobi and Bad News Bears have returned for another crack at the closed qualifier

Third StarLadder Major Americas Minor open qualifier reaches Round of 16

Numerous MDL squads have claimed spots in the round of 16 amidst the smaller field of competition.

Day one of the third StarLadder Major Americas Minor open qualifier has come to end, and out of a dismal field of only 47 teams, sixteen teams have advanced to day two.

The top-seeded teams proceeded to the round of sixteen with little trouble, although notably Infinity were eliminated in the first round of play, and Dignitas fe's run was ended in the round of 32 by Hysteria. 

A few notable results from the first two rounds included Good Game PR claiming a 16-2 victory over Lowkey, and Grizzlys being bested by Cyclone 16-13. Additionally, Glizzy Gang made it into the round of sixteen for the second qualifier in a row after besting Onyx 16-11. 

The matchups for the round of sixteen are as follows:

United States Mythic vs.   Canada LiviD
United States Holo vs.   Brazil New England Whalers
United States Peeker's Advantage vs.   United States Good Game PR
United States ex-Zone vs.   United States Ohio Meat Wagon
United States Bad News Bears vs.   United States Cyclone
United States Hysteria vs.   United States Prospects
United States The Quest vs.   United States Glizzy Gang
United States Ragin Foxes vs.   United States Legacy of Desi Boys

The round of sixteen will start tomorrow at 5 PM EDT, and will again grant two spots in the Americas Minor Closed Qualifier. Any teams looking to fight their way through to the Closed Qualifier themselves can find the signup links and dates for the final open qualifier on the Calendar.

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