Black shirts and black tape for the Nouns

International shipping affects Nouns

The new entry into NA CS was able to get their team over into Stockholm, but some vital aspects of the team have been left lagging.

If you were watching the IEM Road to Rio Americas RMR streams today, you might have noticed that Nouns were one of the only teams at the event lacking some organizational swag. Most of the players have been seen sporting some ESL branded hoodies or shirts, while others have worn plain clothing.

Well, it turns out, the jerseys for the team have actually been held up by Swedish customs to the surprise of both the players and the organization, has learned.

The lack of the team uniforms doesn't seem to have affected the squad too much, however, as they are a comfortable 1-1 after a bounce-back victory over Infinity following a loss to Evil Geniuses to open their RMR campaign.

Here is to hoping that the squad can have their kits released by Swedish customs and they can get in style as they attempt to qualify for the IEM Rio Major.

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EU ruining things as usual
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