Detonate looking for a new fifth

JDubs and the org mutually agreed to part ways.

With ESL Challenger League Season 42 North America nearing its playoff stage and given the team's recent results, only four wins in the last 16 games, Detonate and Johnny "JDubs" Wu have agreed to cut their ties.

The young rifler announced on his Twitter that he was leaving the team, but that he is still open to any offers, coming from CS:GO or even Valorant. In the same tweet, JDubs justified his decision to leave saying that they "didn't see eye to eye".

Detonate's AWPer, Landon "landmaz" Lawrence, also came to Twitter to report JDubs' departure and to announce that the team is looking for a new fifth that "wants to win out and grind but at the end of the day have some fun".

Detonate is currently struggling in ECL with zero wins in three games and in CCT North America with one win in also three games. Recently the roster has suffered some changes, as the team added Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield in July and as recently as last month, the team welcomed Connor "jermanji" Buckles.

The current Detonate roster is:

  • United States Landon "landmaz" Lawrence

  • United States Sam "Noxio" Goodwin

  • United States Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield

  • United States Connor "jermanji" Buckles

  • United States Luke "Viathan" Carstens (Coach)

The team will play today against Foggy for CCT North America Series 1 at 09:00PM. They will have to field a stand-in if they don't find a replacement for JDubs on such short notice.

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