Liquid with new addition YEKINDAR continued their positive results

Looking back on BLAST Groups

Three NA teams entered... three also left... because these were all seeding matches.

BLAST Premier Fall Groups sees our three main North American teams facing each other and European competition. With the first stage over, let's mull over the results and see what this means for our favorite North American teams.

Group B started out with some incredible results for North America with Liquid and Complexity picking up their opening matches against G2 and NAVI respectively. Liquid dispatched of the new-look super squad in 28 rounds while Complexity shuttered a s1mple-less NAVI in just 25. The two best NA teams then matched up in the upper bracket final where Liquid narrowly defeated their American counterparts.

Complexity looked shaky against Liquid, and their rematch with NAVI proved to be the end of their run in the group stage as they were completely wiped out in a 16-3 affair, a far cry from their initial bout with the Eastern European team. With only one match remaining, our North American pride and joy Liquid were absolutely demolished by NAVI as well.

In two quick affairs, the wounded NAVI obliterated two of NA's best teams giving over only seven rounds in total in both matches. Nevertheless, Liquid and Complexity will take their spots as second and third in the group, both above G2 and both below NAVI.

Our final NA team, Evil Geniuses, did not fare so well in their group. With new additions Sanzhar "neaLaN" Iskhakov and Jadan "HexT" Postma, the team has much to adjust to. Add to the mix a stand-in of William "RUSH" Wierzba and the team was working with a lineup completely alien to them. It's no surprise that EG came last with two swift losses to FaZe and BIG, only capturing single digits both times. But, with a new roster, hopes are still high for the team as they go into the Knockout Stage.

Since opening groups are all seeding matches, we will still see all three of our teams in the next stage, where finally they have a chance to be eliminated and sent to BLAST Showdown. Your opening matches both on Thursday:

  • 07:00AM - OG vs Complexity

  • 02:00PM - NIP vs Evil Geniuses

Liquid will face the victor of NIP and Evil Geniuses on Friday at 02:00PM.

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