FURIA opening new $1,000,000 esports venue in Miami

The project is set to be completed by November at the latest.

As reported by Victor Frascarelli of Esports Insider, FURIA is set to launch a 5,200 sq. ft. facility, located in Miami, Florida. The complex is expected to open between October and November with the Brazilian organization setting aside up to $1,000,000 for the project.

The project is the first step towards FURIA's plans of a global presence and will be a part of the "FURIA Experience", according to co-founder André Akkari. This initiative involves deviating from a purely online-based fandom to more of an in-person following with the opportunity to "interact with the team and talk with influencers, athletes, and even the staff".

Featuring a LAN house, clothes store, and an area for FURIA fans to watch games live, the venue will offer free admission for the public while relying on sales and sponsorships to help with running costs.

This investment by FURIA sees the organization extend their presence in the United States even more, with their Counter-Strike roster and operations office already residing in the Sunshine State.

While Florida will be the first location to house such a venue for FURIA, André Akkari explained that the organization are already looking to double down with the opening of other complexes – notably in Brazil and Europe – with future hopes of having a facility in "each of the biggest cities in the world".

FURIA aren't the only organization in the US to have a facility open to the public, with Complexity opening their "Complexity HQ" in the GameStop Performance Center back in 2019. Much like FURIA's plans, the 91-acre venue, located in Dallas, Texas, acts not only as training facility for the organization's teams, but also as a viewing space for supporters to watch matches and/or events at the physical heart of the Complexity brand.

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August 4, 2022 03:56PM
Very exciting, can’t wait to see how this turns out
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