stanislaw's history on Evil Geniuses was complicated but but was absolutely brilliant in its early days

Former EG IGL ready for T1 opportunities

After spending six months finding his love for the game again, stanislaw is ready to contribute to rebuilding NA.

Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz has announced that he is open to pro offers and will be actively looking to plot a return to top-tier play. stanislaw's announcements comes after a six-month stint in the semi-professional ESL Challenger League with BHOP where he experimented with a number of roles in a more relaxed setting.

stanislaw's six-month hiatus from top tier competition came in the wake of his removal from the helm of the struggling Evil Geniuses lineup at the end of 2021. Despite being a renowned North American IGL at the start of his tenure with Evil Geniuses, the team began to fracture and tumble down the ratings once the scene returned to international competition post-COVID. Along with Evil Geniuses struggling to find results with stanislaw in a leading position, he took a controversial extended break despite just returning from the player break while citing mental and physical overexertion.

Looking past the veracity of his likely legitimate health concerns in the shit-show of constant travel during the height of COVID-19 travel restrictions, it didn't help his stock when the team looked better with Damian "daps" Steele at the helm, despite his recent return from VALORANT and decision to become a coach. When stanislaw returned to play, the team famously qualified to PGL Major Stockholm on the narrowest of margins (thanks xCeeD) before bombing out of the Major after a lackluster 0-3 run. This poor track record, especially in the second half of the year led Evil Geniuses to rip apart the team and move to Jake "Stewie2K" Yip's ill-fated project, leaving stanislaw in the wilderness post-NA shuffle.

Following his removal from Evil Geniuses, stanislaw's first season back with BHOP was nothing to write home about. This was in part due to the 28-year-old not calling and experimenting with AWPing along with the lineup largely pugging their matches. After surviving Relegation and rebuilding with a more competitive lineup, stanislaw returned to calling and helped the squad narrowly make playoffs, finishing Season 41 in 5th-6th place.

While his experiences on BHOP in no way suggest he's fully ready for a return to top-tier competition, stanislaw's pronouncement that his stint with the team has rejuvenated his passion for the game is exciting if he can return to anything close to peak form. For now, he is set to remain on BHOP while evaluating his options, but with Evil Geniuses being a complete dumpster fire and Complexity struggling to find wins, there may be space for stanislaw in the future.

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