The Dust2 Report #1: Stewie Drama, Liquid Changes, and more!

A new podcast for your lovely ears by the team!

Announcing our new podcast-style show, The Dust2 Report. Today is just the first episode, so no guests, but in future we'll try to have multiple guests per episode where we get their takes on a specific piece of NA CS news that week. This week we've got our editor-in-chief Ryan Friend, as well as site writer Liam "Slevo" Slevin.

In our inaugural episode we discuss the Evil Geniuses Stewie2K and EVY drama to kick thing off. We then move on to discuss the Team Liquid changes coming in, with the benching of shox and adreN and the additions of daps and stand-in YEKINDAR. NA's first big event in years was IEM Dallas so we had to discuss that as well as Complexity and EG.PA's international outings. Finally, some talk about the ongoing ESL Challenger League playoffs and our signature segment NA Hopium and Copium to cap it all off.

Timestamps provided below:

The podcast is also available on Spotify and Anchor, with more platforms coming soon so be sure to follow us on your favourite one! Also now available on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or comments on the pilot episode then please drop us a comment below or send us a tweet!

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June 24, 2022 07:30PM
4 years and a new organization later and ryan finally uploads a podcast to youtube
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June 24, 2022 09:52PM
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