Despite the dismal run thus far, FaNg has been performing well in his first Major

FaNg: "in that game I just think that we were different individuals"

The youngest North American team stumbles in their third game of the event and will play an elimination game against Team Liquid.

Highly touted as NA's best young prospect, Justin "FaNg" Coakly had a chat with Dust2's Ryan Friend directly following their self-sabatoged loss against Outsiders on Overpass with a 16-9 scoreline. With their round three loss, they are now sitting on a 1-2 scoreline and are locked into playing Team Liquid tomorrow in a win-or-go-home best of three.

A very tough game, your T-side looked great as you jumped out to a good start and finished with an 8-7 first half which by T-side Overpass standards is huge, heading into that half how were you feeling and what did you feel was going right?

T-side I think our gameplan was pretty good because we've played those guys before in the past and we kind of had an idea of how they like to play and we were just kind of going with the flow of everything. I think our comms were going really well, we were in control of the situation in each round and then they started bringing rounds back. I mentioned it to the guys, that our B isn't working, every time we hit B it's been a wall so we started changing that later in the half and we ended up finishing out 8-7 which was good. It was the perfect T-side honestly, couldn't really ask for too much especially considering how T-side is on Overpass nowadays.

Obviously that Outsiders team has been through a lot but they still have some very strong players, how frustrating is it to play against someone like Jame?

It's not really frustrating but it's weird though (laughs). Some situations you're like "is this guy going to help his teammate?" or like "where is he at?" I remember in the second last round it's a 1v3, we hear him run away and Grim's just like "he's saving, he's gone." Like you already know. It's just the style he plays, it is what it is.

There are going to be a few rounds I want to quickly talk about, obviously I think we all know what they are. So the pistol, the 2v1 against Jame, I saw some media questions come up asking "why not swing at the same time". What was the communication like there?

It was like a tiny disconnect in the moment, because as soon as I jumped on truck I know it's not planted for him and then our kit was beside dice, so originally we were going to tap and wait for him to come up but then JT said that the kit was there so in the moment I'm like "shit I need to get the kit." So he left. Then there was the disconnect for like a second of like, do we run this guy down, can Grim safely cross to me, so it was just messed up. It sucks but that's just how it went down.

I think the other round that everyone had questions on, the eco where Jame had the AWP and everyone else was on the glocks and Junior got tagged early. SPUNJ on the cast said that was the map but you guys still held it in, so I guess what was the thinking in that round. Did you know they were on eco and how were you trying to play that?

I actually forgot about that round until you brought it up, oh my god. It sucked, we knew they had one AWP and knew the rest were either eco or didn't have a good buy. Toward A, I honestly don't really remember too much what our game-plan was, because I'm toward B but just in the mid-round it was just like a bit hectic I'm not sure if it was nerves or stuff like that but we were kind of playing more reserved instead of taking the space, especially after Junior got tagged. So it was just a little bit of a chaotic situation I think at that point, which sucks because if we won that eco it's a different game.

And then finally that one where the bomb planter gets killed, you have three seconds left, you're still fighting, what's happening?

That whole situation was a coming out late, we know they faked and it was kind of chaotic at the time, I remember like me and Floppy were in pit and I killed the initial guy and we double swinged left to try and make it chaotic for them because we know they have to plant due to low time and we basically made it so we got kind of even trades and then Grim killed the planter. So there's no time at that point but then as we're saying it JT is in heaven and is trying to help. So as we are saying that he had a play in mind and that's when he ran out, so it's the same thing, that second disconnect kind of just messed it up.

So all of these disconnects lead into, I don't want to say miscommunication errors, but these last-minute mistakes. How do you want to improve or think you can improve to fix that?

Honestly, in that game I just think that we were different individuals, we just need to be more calm, especially in those situations too because a lot of the time we are still in control of the situation. It's just how it presents itself and how we take that extra second to be like "wait" or "peak with me" at that moment so there's no disconnect for that second like I said.

FaNg and co. look to bounce back in an North American battle against Liquid. With their former teammate Josh "oSee" Ohm now with Liquid, the familiar face will do nothing to temper emotions in this do-or-die game.

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