Omega complete lineup with flixxy

The former Touch Point player has found a new home for Season 41.

Omega have completed their roster for ESEA Advanced Season 41 with the addition of Noah "flixxy" French. He joins the team in place of Jason “gir” Fox, who stepped down from the team back on March 25th.

flixxy joins the team after spending the past three seasons in Advanced with Touch Point. During his time with that squad, Touch Point made Advanced playoffs on two occasions, Seasons 39 and 40, but fell short in both iterations with a 9th-12th place finish.

The more relevant part of his résumé is that flixxy has a fair bit of recent LAN experience, attending Fragadelphia 15 and 16 while also attending a few local LAN events over the past year. He also has some coaching experience, having worked with Triton in their successful campaign to claim a spot in ESEA Premier Season 38.

The team will likely look to his experience after falling short of qualifying for ESL Challenger League in their past two Advanced playoff campaigns.

With flixxy, Omega are now:

  • Canada Bradley “LukeK” Walker

  • United States Muhammad "Mellow" Ali

  • United States Talen "Talen" M.

  • United States Jake “zebra” Davis

  • United States Noah "flixxy" French

  • United States Sean "Coastal" Thompson (Coach)

Omega's opening match of ESEA Advanced Season 41 will be against X13 on April 25th at 09:30PM.

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