Omega searches for fifth as gir steps down

After eight years of competition, gir is taking a mental health break.

22-year-old Advanced player Jason “gir” Fox has opted to step away from his starting position on Omega, and is taking a break from competitive Counter-Strike altogether, the talent announced today via TwitLonger. In the TwitLonger, gir was open about his primary reason for departing, “All I want to do now is to focus on my mental health as that’s the main reason I want to take a break.” gir also made note of “involuntary matters” that took away from his day-to-day Counter-Strike processes throughout the journey. The ESEA A+ and FPL-C player will not depart from the game entirely, noting that he would still be around in pugs.

As for Omega, they will immediately begin their search for gir’s replacement following their exit from the ESEA Advanced playoffs. The team ended second behind Infinity at 11-3 but failed to continue that performance into the playoff bracket. They fell 0-2 to the #15 seeded Philadelphia Liberty in the first round and were also taken down 0-2 in the lower bracket to the #10 seeded Unjustified. Following their quick exit from the playoffs, finding an upgrade is more important than ever, so the lineup can ensure not to replicate the same results next season.

The Omega lineup is currently:

  • Canada Bradley “LukeK” Walker

  • United States Muhammad "Mellow" Ali

  • United States Talen "Talen" M.

  • United States Jake “zebra” Davis

  • United States Sean "Coastal" Thompson (Coach)

ESEA Advanced Season 40 playoffs are still underway, with twelve teams left duking it out for a chance to compete in ECL Season 41. The action will kick off with three BO3s on Sunday at 07:00PM.

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