Eros lineup exploring options ahead of ESEA Advanced S41

The team failed to make it out of ECL Relegation, landing them back in Advanced.

Following a disappointing 2-5 ECL season that resulted in a 7th-8th place finish at ECL Relegation, all five members of Eros have begun exploring new team opportunities ahead of ESEA Advanced Season 41, sources tell Dust2. Although the five players did not achieve what they wanted together, there is no lingering controversy amongst any of the parties. When asked for comment, in-game leader Cory "shutout" Frymark iterated that there is in fact "no bad blood" and that every member of the lineup remains on good terms with one another.

The language from the involved parties suggests that the players are looking for new opportunities more so as a protocol, and not necessarily because of internal frustrations. However, it was clarified by shutout that it would be "very unlikely" that any leftover Eros talent would opt to rebuild should a majority of the lineup leave for new teams.

This is not the first time the Eros brands and its lineup saw an abrupt split ahead of a new season. Last October, Eros, and its former lineup mutually parted ways after narrowly retaining the Premier spot. This iteration of Eros qualified for ECL Season 40 by way of the expanded advancement that happened back in Season 39 when it was still named Premier League. They placed 9th-10th that season with a 3-5 regular season record to earn the promotional invite. After nearly six months and two seasons together, the team's status is shrouded in the unknown.

As it stands, the Eros lineup is:

  • Canada Adam "freshie" Paterson

  • United States John "JTMythic" Timmermann

  • United States Kevin "omniscient" Ma

  • Canada Jordan "rezy1on" Smith

  • United States Cory "shutout" Frymark

  • United States Nick "Noot" Samodurov (Coach)

Eros and its talent will need to cement their positions by the time the next season of Advanced starts on April 25th.

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