No limit to the changes coming

Limitless drop three ahead of rebuild

The team is down a trio of talent after some expected departures.

After a fourth-place showing in ESEA Advanced Season 40, Limitless is removing three players from the starting lineup and searching for a new trio to represent the brand ahead of season 41. The announcement came via a series of tweets from the lineup following their exit from ESL Challenger League Season 40 Relegation, where they lost to Bad News Bears and BHOP 0-2 to close out their brief appearance in the bracket.

The first domino fell when Michael “Millz” Millsaps took to Twitter after their loss to announce his “looking for team” status, noting that this previous season’s performance was “not a true reflection of me as a player or IGL.” Not long after, former teammate Devin “AtomiK” Ferrell followed up with a TwitLonger of his own, announcing his intention alongside Dave “seziwana” Schrage to rebuild the lineup underneath the Limitless branding.

Millz followed up the series of announcements with a clarification that there is no bad blood between any of the members of the former lineup, and that he is the only one departing because of in-game disagreements. As for Matthew “Mirth” Mudrinic and Bradley “Slugy” Kohler, their statuses for next season have not been publicly stated by them, but Millz noted the two would be taking a step back next season for out-of-server reasons. When reached out for comment, Mirth confirmed that he would "most likely be taking a break to work for the foreseeable future." At the time of writing, Slugy's in-server future is unconfirmed.

Limitless’ roster for Season 41 is currently:

  • United States Devin "AtomiK" Ferrell

  • United States Dave "seziwana" Schrage

The team will need to find their new trio by the time the next season of Advanced starts on April 25th.

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