stanislaw say his passion to lead has been rekindled

BHOP and Delta9 part ways

After a lackluster season of ECL, BHOP is seeing a shakeup.

Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz has announced that David "Delta9" Shafer will no longer be a part of BHOP's lineup. Additionally, stanislaw explained in this announcement that he had been taking a break from in-game leading, but has since become confident in his ability to call once again.

In his announcement, stanislaw stated that he originally joined up with the ex-Detonate core in order to play with friends and to take a more relaxed and casual approach to the game. He adds that he originally was not in-game leading for the squad, wanting to take a break so he could "rediscover my identity and confidence." Over time, his approach towards the team has changed, citing "the skill, potential, and hunger" that his teammates have, encouraging stanislaw to retake the reigns of in-game leading.

As a part of this refreshed approach to the squad, the team made the decision to not continue with Delta9. Delta9 was one of the original members of stanislaw's Disconnected squad, along with Ali "phantom" Sachs and current BHOP teammates Jacob "SPERMY" Younan and Brody "BeaKie" Kelly. During his time with Disconnected/BHOP, Delta9 helped to keep the squad safe from direct relegation to Advanced, posting a 0.85 average rating across 15 maps in ECL Season 40.

Delta9's replacement is not set in stone yet, with stanislaw stating that he has been keeping tabs on high-performing players in both ECL and Advanced as possible additions to the team. stanislaw also clarified that the purpose of the announcement to part ways with Delta9 was to "reach a broader audience" for the possible pool of replacements.

BHOP's lineup is now the following:

  • Canada Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz

  • United States Jacob "SPERMY" Younan

  • Canada Brody "BeaKie" Kelly

  • United States Silas "silas" Marrufo

BHOP will need to find Delta9's replacement in short order, as the team is slated to duke it out in ECL Season 40 Relegation, which kicks off in only a matter of days on April 4th.

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