This incident sees cxzi removed from Strife after almost two months with the team

cxzi allegedly inebriated during MIBR match

Several of cxzi's former teammates have gone on the record to accuse the Fragadelphia 16 winner of being intoxicated during an official league match.

Serious accusations have been levied against Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk for allegedly being inebriated while participating in last night's ESL Challenger League match against MIBR. cxzi has vehemently denied these allegations, however, he has acknowledged that he had approximately five drinks between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM local time, before the match against MIBR at 7:00 PM. cxzi maintains that he was not inebriated at the time of the match. Strife have removed cxzi from the team with immediate effect and are examining their options in terminating all contractual obligations with the player.

Strife IGL Bobby "stamina" Eitrem told that he first was suspicious of cxzi's sobriety ahead of the match upon the player joining the TeamSpeak, however it was not until the second round that the rest of the team shared their suspicions with one another. David "J0LZ" Jolin messaged stamina, stating that cxzi must have "just got back from a dentist appointment and couldn't use his face, or he was drunk". The rest of the team shared their frustrations throughout the match with one another, with the team all concluding during one round where cxzi was inexplicably separated from the team after a bomb plant that "he must be drunk."

To support the allegations against cxzi, Strife provided with two audio files which were the private TeamSpeak recordings from the MIBR match and the North American RMR Qualifier #1 to show the audible difference in cxzi's speech. Upon review of the files, was able to reasonably agree that cxzi's speech was slurred at several points throughout the Overpass map, while it was not during the NA RMR Qualifier #1.

The team was also alerted to the possibility that cxzi had been drinking after the map was over as the player posted a now-deleted Snapchat story depicting several individuals using beer bongs or "shotgunning" beers. The video was provided to by cxzi to show that while it did depict friends consuming alcohol, it did not include him. It is important to note that no member of that reviewed the audio files are linguists or have any professional training in speech therapy. Additionally, slurred speech alone does not indicate that an individual is inebriated.

In a comment to, cxzi stated "At the end of the day I’m the only one that will actually know how I felt people can make assumptions about how I was speaking or so on and get the “evidence” against me but that doesn’t prove anything."

Strife made the decision to cut Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk in the middle of their ESL Challenger League Season 40 series against MIBR with immediate effect. The team finished the series with Austin "AAustiN" Urb as an emergency stand-in for map two, falling 2-0 to the Brazilian team. Following map one, the match was paused for an extended period before it was announced live on air that cxzi was removed from the lineup for the remainder of the series against MIBR and for the remainder of the season.

In his place, Bobby "stamina" Eitrem told that Strife are set to add Matthew "D4rtyMontana" Paplawskas as the team's new fifth. The 17-year-old has previously stood in for Strife, playing Mythic Winter Cup 2 at the start of the year when Bobby "stamina" Eitrem was unavailable.

Prior to this incident, Strife was on the rise as a unit, recently winning Fragadelphia 16 and taking down heavyweights Evil Geniuses in the first North American RMR Open Qualifier. The loss of cxzi's firepower will almost certainly deal a blow to the squad's prospects of continuing this upward trend.

Shortly after cxzi's removal from the team was announced, stamina clarified to that the squad would be utilizing Matthew "D4rtyMontana" Paplawskas to fill the gap. With this new addition, Strife will be looking to recover from a largely lackluster ECL season, which sees the squad sit at a 2-3 regular-season record following the conclusion of the aforementioned match against MIBR.

Strife will have very little time to integrate their new fifth, as the team is slated to finish off the last two matches of their ECL season fairly soon, with their matches against Gaimin Gladiators and oNe set to be on March 22nd and 23rd respectively.

Editor's Note: We have updated the first paragraph to provide a better timeline of when cxzi declared he had consumed alcohol.

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#1(With 0 replies)
March 17, 2022 11:51AM
This feels surreal to read, hope he gets help :/
#2(With 0 replies)
March 17, 2022 01:58PM
You'll prove it or I'll ...
#3(With 0 replies)
March 17, 2022 04:00PM
dentist high be hitting different i like cxzi that mans explosive hopefully he can get into a good side for next season
#4(With 4 replies)
March 17, 2022 05:09PM
Assuming he was drunk: he didn't do anything immoral, or evil. I agree it is a bad look for high level play, but it isn't damning by any means. I have played ESEA-M matches high before. Once again, not a good look, but did it end me playing- or should it have?- no, and no.

The reason I'm saying this is: I'm sure things will work out for ole Danny boy. Once again, assuming guilt on this, it would just have been misplaced priorities. Putting "the boys" before an official. Anyone who has a life, but also games, get this. From this incident either he will change his priorities- or he will find a new team with matching priorities. In either instance, I'm sure he'll bounce back. :)
#5(With 3 replies)
March 17, 2022 05:38PM
when you are getting payed to play the game you dont show up to matches drunk, slurring words, AND shitting the bed. completely unacceptable
#6(With 2 replies)
March 17, 2022 05:49PM
This is tier 2 NA.

What you are calling "getting paid", is not even close to a livable salary. I bet even the best orgs in NA-ECL right now pay at best $1k/month/per player. So if it isn't his career (he can't make enough money to consider it a career), how does this not equate to what I was saying about priorities? Think about it. He is in a "challenger" league and not making a living salary. It would be very easy for someone to misplace their priorities.

I will say, I agree with you in principle. But in practice, I have to take things like context into account. And for me the context is: this is not his career, ergo, misplaced priorities.

I guess what I'm saying is: don't see things so black and white. To you it is unacceptable- to me it is understandable. Which of us is right? Both and neither. The truth often lies in the grey middle. (If only American politicians could take note lol)
#7(With 1 replies)
March 17, 2022 07:24PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
And you think the road to making the region get better, paid more, get more exposure is to squander the opportunity you're handed as one of the few ECL teams actually getting a salary? Beyond a joke how many excuses people will make for behavior like this. You think he'll make it out of Challenger League like this? And yes, he very much committed to playing the game full-time and putting in that effort, he put out a TwitLonger atoning for his mistakes and wanted another chance. This is what came of it.
#8(With 0 replies)
March 18, 2022 09:31AM
Never said it would make the region better, improve pay, or add positive exposure. Just as I said with Gav's comment: I 100% agree with you in principle. I agree that it gives bad optics to the NA scene. I agree that he won't make it out of challenger league with this behavior. And more than anything, I 1000% understand why his teammates would kick him; and how for the players and the org this is catastrophic. I'm not defending it, simply saying: "I can understand the conflict of interest between a young social life, and professional gaming". For the um-teenth time, I do agree with you on all points you made. And although we agree in principle, I personally, don't believe in chastising someone's character over one mistake they made. As I said in the initial comment: either he will learn from this and not make the same mistake in the future. Or he will find a new team with lower priorities that won't have issues with poor conduct. The fact he was cut from his team and has had to face the public backlash from this article (to me) is punishment enough. All possible new teams for cxzi will have read this article. So there is no point in demonizing him when he has already gotten his comeuppance. But shit, I guess I'm the bad guy for believing in forgiveness, and that no one is past changing.
#9(With 0 replies)
March 20, 2022 10:18AM
We love American cs
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