di^ posted an impressive 1.67 rating in the final

CLG Red win ESEA Winter Women's Cash Cup 4

CLG Red faced limited opposition on their way to their third Cash Cup victory.

After opting to skip the previous Women’s Cash Cup, CLG Red quickly picked up where they left off, cruising their way to yet another first place finish on the back of a swift 2-0 victory versus Little Bocks in the grand final, taking home $750 for their troubles.

The first round of competition saw CLG Red hit the ground running as they demolished Tourmaline 16-1 on Mirage whilst Little Bocks looked just as strong as they easily took down sigma 16-2 on Inferno. Hot Flash had to work a bit harder in their matchup versus OSADIA, seeing a 16-11 scoreline be required to guarantee a top four placement whilst Please Send Help sent Slay packing after a 16-10 visit to Mirage.

The first semifinal of the event pitted CLG Red against Please Send Help in what turned out to be quite the one-sided matchup. Getting things underway on Overpass, Juliana "Juli" Tosic and company quickly ran away with the map, posting an 11-4 lead on their defense by the time the two sides swapped. From there, Please Send Help did add a string of rounds to their tally to keep things interesting, but CLG Red soon dashed any hopes of a comeback as they took Overpass 16-9.

Heading to Vertigo, things quickly unraveled for Please Send Help. A sole round win midway through their CT-side was the team's only statement as CLG Red marched on to a 14-1 lead by the turn of the half. After the switch, Juli's girls were quickly able to add the two rounds they needed to easily take Vertigo 16-1 and book their place in the grand final.

On the other side of the bracket, Little Bocks' matchup versus Hot Flash was one of polar opposites. A 16-0 thrashing on Inferno by Little Bocks opened up the series before giving way to a hotly contested Overpass where Hot Flash were the ones leading 9-6 by halftime. Once on their CT-side, Little Bocks managed to chip away at the deficit before narrowly stealing the map 16-14 to net themselves yet another grand final appearance versus CLG Red.

The grand final turned out to be relatively underwhelming, with CLG Red proving once again to be Little Bocks' kryptonite, with the latter squad losing yet another final to the ESEA Main side. Kicking things off Overpass, CLG Red didn't skip a beat as they cruised to a 12-3 lead on the back of a stalwart CT-side showing. From then on, it didn't take long for CLG Red to claim victory, securing Overpass 16-4, due in part to a remarkable performance from Diane "di^" Tran who ended the map with a 2.23 rating.

Over on Vertigo, Little Bocks managed to put up some resistance in the first half with the girls only trailing by three rounds by the time of the swap. Despite this, CLG Red put up an impenetrable defense thereafter, adding seven uninterrupted rounds to their tally to win Vertigo 16-6 and claim their third ESEA Women's Cash Cup victory.

2 - 0
Little Bocks
All maps
CLG Red K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Diane 'di^' Tran 47 - 23 +24 104.2 88.1% 1.67
United States Kelsie 'uhKelsie' Click 35 - 16 +19 77.9 85.7% 1.52
Canada Mounira 'GooseBreeder' Dobie 33 - 23 +10 94.2 85.7% 1.43
United States Emma 'Emy' Choe 32 - 29 +3 91.8 64.3% 1.18
United States Juliana 'Juli' Tosic 23 - 21 +2 56.6 83.3% 1.05
Little Bocks K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Canada Joanne 'sapphire' Tan 25 - 30 -5 66.6 66.7% 0.93
Canada Mirna 'athxna' Noureldin 24 - 33 -9 68.7 61.9% 0.81
Canada Julie 'Bouchard' Bouchard 21 - 36 -15 59.1 71.4% 0.66
Kimberly 'Kimmy' Nelson 22 - 35 -13 60.0 54.8% 0.64
Canada Somalie 'smiLey' Audet 20 - 36 -16 48.8 59.5% 0.63

The final standings for the fourth Women's Cash Cup were:

1. CLG Red (di^, uhKelsie, GooseBreeder, Juli, Emy) - $750
2. Little Bocks (sapphire, Kimmy, smiLey, Bouchard, athxna) - $250
3-4. Hot Flash (sunnypp, bmax, buhnny, ShiftWalker, Jlee)
3-4. Please Send Help (Senna, paula, jesscas, PiggyKiKi, lovergirl)
5-8. sigma (illacat, ethaeral, t4tiana, Follygag, MsEL3MENT)
5-8. OSADIA (jenn, Katto, namitA, Vadedia, Burbuja)
5-8. Slay (Blender, PippySippy, vanessa, CRY_ABOUT_IT, Galy_)
5-8. Tourmaline (dreamstorm, Jundiya, thorrea, YagirlRAVEN, Knowater)

The next all-female event in the circuit will be named ESL Impact Cash Cup and is set to start on March 12th. Interested teams can register here.

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