Pugg and co. held their nerve in the final to take first place at the event

Michigan Mittens triumph at Liquid x IMC College Clash

The Davenport University core put on a strong showing throughout the event.

Michigan Mittens have won the Liquid X IMC College Clash event after beating UW-Irvine and IniquityUniversity on the final day. The team, which featured the Davenport University core of Spencer "Pugg" Moore, Collin "CoJoMo" Moren, and Brandon "BeBO" Miller, as well as new coach Colin "koi" Thor as a substitute, were dominant throughout the event, only having trouble in the final where they dropped a map.

In the first semifinal of the day IniquityUniversity defeated Highlander 16-11 on Nuke and then took their opponents' map pick of Overpass 16-9, securing themselves a spot in the final and sending Highlander to the third place decider game.

The second semifinal saw Michigan Mittens continue their dominant form as they dispatched UW-Irvine, 16-4 on Inferno and 16-9 on Overpass, and set the stage for a clash with IniquityUniversity in the grand final.

The next game to take place was the third place decider, which saw Highlander beat UW-Irvine despite defeat on their pick of Inferno. Highlander took Irvine's map pick of Overpass 16-9 and were able to close out the series in a 16-14 win on Mirage, securing them third place at the tournament.

The grand final saw Michigan Mittens stumble for the first time, as they lost 16-13 on Vertigo to IniquityUniversity. Pugg's men were able to return the favour on Inferno 16-14, as they also inflicted their opponents IniquityUniversity with their first defeat of the event. The deciding map was Nuke, where Michigan Mittens completed the reverse sweep to take the map 16-9 and win the event outright.

The final standings for the Liquid x IMC College Clash are as follows:

1. United States Michigan Mittens (Pugg, CoJoMo, BeBO, slomotion, retnuh) - Trip to Major LAN + Secretlab Gaming Chair + Alienware Gear + Custom Liquid Jersey
2. United States Iniquity University (Steedle, try, scar, bootylord gingaa) - Secretlab Gaming Chair + Custom Liquid Jersey
3. United States Highlander (Dantes_Oni, suds, ReduX, JoSoo, 1bird) - Custom Liquid Jersey
4. United States UW-Irvine (Zamgaa, JumpZ, raw1, TEEEEJAAAAAY-, WavvY)

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