Turismo and Optimus cleaned up

iNTACT beat L4ORG to win Main Season 28

Shakezullah and Co. drop 1 map en route to a championship.

After running through the entire Main division dropping only a single map, iNTACT have been crowned the champions of Season 28 Main with a 2-0 victory over Looking 4 ORG.

Unfortunately for iNTACT, and to the surprise of the community, becoming Main champions will be all they attain this season, as they have not received an invite to the MDL Relegation tournament.

The Best of 3 saw iNTACT win in dominating fashion over L4ORG with a 16-4 on Cache, followed by a 16-9 on Overpass. Ali "optimus" Mashour starred for his team,  amassing a 1.0 FPR over both maps. Michael "Turismo" Haas complimented optimus' frag power on Cache while Christopher "Swahn" Swahn's AWP did wonders on Overpass. 

The moveups and prize distribution looks as follows:

    1. United States iNTACT — $2,760
    2. Canada Looking 4 ORG — $1,840
3-4. United States Witness the Thiccness — $1,380
3-4. United States GT Academy — $1,380
5-8. United States reporting for duty — $460
5-8. Canada QcClan — $460
5-8. United States Anges Big Toe — $460
5-8. United States Skizm — $460

Due to the new move up system from ESEA, the top eight Main teams will be moving up to the Advanced Division for Season 29.

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August 17, 2018 12:17AM
baltybaby making mistake smh using EU payouts instead of NA payouts
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August 17, 2018 08:57AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Big sweeps in both Main and Advanced playoffs
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